SysTools Excel Recovery

SysTools Excel Recovery 4.0

SysTools Excel Recovery is meant to help recover corrupted Excel files

SysTools Excel Recovery is meant to open corrupted Excel files and help you recover them. Its producers claim that it can restore any aspect of an Excel spreadsheet, may it be functions, charts, tables or even macros. I couldn’t test this part in an extremely thoroughly manner, but from what I could test I noticed that in a random cell, instead of a decimal number as it was in the original file, it previewed a totally different integer. This makes me put a big question mark over the reliability of this product. Another thing I don’t like about this application is the fact that it can load and attempt to recover only XLS files. It won’t load the XLSX files which are specific to the newer Excel versions.

On the other hand, SysTools Excel Recovery is really simple and easy-to-use, as it comes with a minimalistic, self-explanatory interface. Anyway, that’s not enough to make me recommend this program. I’d say it should be tried only as a last resort, when other similar file recovery tools fail.

Rory Shaffer
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  • It's simple and lightweight
  • Fast conversion process


  • It can not load and recover XLSX files
  • Its interface can't be resized or customized
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